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You love books. You love to read. You appreciate well-written books and the time it takes authors to publish them. You have strong opinions about the books you read. You hate wasting time and money on a mediocre book. You race to your computer to write a review as soon as you’ve read the last page of a book. You love interacting with other book bloggers and readers.

Does this sound like you? If you maintain a book blog, you’re probably looking for ways to increase your followers, readers and visitors. Listing your book blog with a blog directory is a great way to gain followers. Maybe you’ve already listed your book blog with an online directory. I believe that you should be sharing your book blog on as many listings as possible. Taking advantage of every available blogger listing site is just good common sense – especially if the listing is absolutely FREE. The more groups and listings you join the more people who will know about you and your book blog.

The Book Blogger Listing website is your opportunity to join something that benefits everyone. And...it’s FREE! I began this book blogger directory because I’m just like you – I LOVE books and I love telling readers all about the books I read via my own book blogging website. The Book Blogger Listing website is maintained solely by me, Susan Barton. I’m a marketing professional with three decades of marketing experience. I invite you to join this site by submitting your listing. From there you’ll receive:

  • A free custom header for your listing
  • Free social media sharing of your blog listing
  • Discounts, freebies and giveaway announcements

I’m looking for book bloggers who regularly maintain book blogs. Blogging about books (any genre) on a regular basis is a must. If you’d like a FREE listing on the site, please submit your URL via the form in the menu. I look forward to listing you!

*Please be sure to read our FAQs before submitting your URL

**As already stated, I maintain this site by myself. A certain amount of work goes into listing bloggers and other general upkeep. Therefore...

  • After you've submitted your URL and I've added you to the site, I'd appreciate it if you'd grab a site badge from the sidebar and place it in a prominent place on your own blog as a way to promote the Book Blogger Listing to other book bloggers. 
  • I accept donations to help run this site. Please submit your donation via the PayPal button in the sidebar. Every little bit helps keep this site FREE.
  • Becoming a tour host for me in return for your free listing is always greatly appreciated. 

Susan Barton

*I hate spam as much as you do. I promise I will never spam you under any circumstances. 

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  1. And doing all this alone you are doing an awesome and wonderful service to all of us that love books, and everything to do with books. Thank you so very much for the awesome job you do Susan. :-)
    Jody Joy