Please do not submit your BOOK BLOG before reading THE FOLLOWING FAQs

The Book Blogger Listing is a place for people who blog about books to be listed according to genre preference and more. Book bloggers love books. We have definite opinions about the books we read and we want to share those opinions with other people. We devote a great deal of time to reading, reviewing and promoting the hard work of some fantastic authors. I know there are other book blogger listings online and I'm a proud member of a few of them. I'm an author, book marketer and book blogger myself. The Book Blogger Listing is my way of helping my fellow authors, as well as my fellow book bloggers.

The Book Blogger Listing is a great place for authors to find readers who may be interested in reading their books and sharing their views on blogs. Smart authors understand how important it is to the success of their books to get potential readers reading, talking and sharing.

Book publishers will also appreciate the Book Blogger Listing, since they're always searching for ways to market their authors. Finding bloggers, in one central location, who are willing to promote their clients, can be a valuable resource for publishers.


Why should I list my blog on the Book Blogger Listing website?

This is a FREE website and content marketing opportunity for you. The Book Blogger Listing is maintained solely by me, Susan Barton, a marketing professional with three decades of marketing experience. I share all online content to well over 500,000+ followers. That's a lot of promotional exposure for you and your blog, at no cost to you.  All listings include a banner to be included at the top of your listing. Every blogger receives a clickable link within the blog's description.

Does my blog have to be just about books?

Yes, your blog MUST be primarily about books and book reviews. The majority of your posts should be BOOK REVIEWS. Our site is geared toward readers and authors. Please be open to having authors contact you regarding book reviews.

*You CANNOT be a bookseller, marketer or affiliate website owner. You CANNOT primarily be a book promoter, editor or other book/author services provider. We will ignore these listing requests.

How much does it cost to be listed?

Nothing. Listing your book blog is completely free. You can, however, contribute to the site by using the PayPal button in the sidebar. Every little bit helps, is appreciated, and allows me to offer this service to you FREE of charge. 

Does an author website qualify?

ONLY if you blog about other books (with book reviews) in addition to your own.

Does my blog have to have a certain amount of visitors per day?

No. However, your blog must be active. At least two or three posts per week (more is even better).

Can my blog be brand new?

Blogs should be at least 3 months old and have plenty of content posted.

What should my listing bio include?

Talk a bit about yourself and what makes your book blog unique. Mention the genres you prefer and whether you include special events on your site (tours, blasts, cover reveals, etc.).

I have lots of book blogger friends and contribute to online reading groups. Should I let people know about the Book Blogger Listing?

Absolutely! The Book Blogger Listing does not solicit book bloggers directly. Telling your friends and online networks about the Book Blogger Listing helps everyone.

Happy Reading!
~ Susan Barton

*As much as I'd like to, I simply don't have time to contact everyone who signs up to be listed. Rest assured, if you've submitted your blog, I'll take a look at it asap. Check this site after several days to see if you've been listed. If you're not, it's probably that I've determined that your blog isn't a good fit for the Book Blogger Listing website. Please DO NOT submit your book blog more than once. 

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