Monday, June 8, 2015

5 Reasons Why Authors Should Promote Other Authors on Their Blogs

If you’re an Indie author, chances are I don’t have to tell you how difficult it can be to have your book stand out over all the other self-published books. You need every edge possible. Over the years, as a book blogger, I’ve noticed an undeniable trend among this blog genre. Many, many book bloggers are also authors themselves.

If you think it might take too much time away from writing, think again. Aside from posting book reviews, which do take a fair amount of time, you can post and share a variety of content – book tours, cover reveals, book blasts, guest posts, author interviews and book giveaways are always popular with readers, and they take very little time and effort.

If you’re an author and you currently maintain a website or a blog, you might want to consider promoting other authors. Why? Because it:

1. Keeps you from having to constantly come up with clever, engaging content for your readers.
2. Brings additional unique visitors to your blog.
3. Gives you a chance to network with other authors.
4. Allows you the opportunity to share a variety of book genres. 
5. Builds your TBR list. 

I hope this post motivates you to begin promoting other authors on your author blog! If you'd like advice on how to start, please let me know by submitting a contact form in the sidebar. Happy Blogging! 

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