Tuesday, May 26, 2015

You're a Book Blogger, Now What?

If you've been maintaining a book blog for months or even years you may be content with simply reading books and posting your reviews on your blog. Then again, you may be looking to increase your readers and followers. To build a dedicated following of readers, who will be willing to visit your blog on a frequent basis, you have to continually post new and compelling content. What types of content?

·        Giveaways – Start your own or share giveaways sponsored by other bloggers.
·    Virtual Book Tour Stops - Form ongoing relationships with book tour providers.
·    Cover Reveals – Place a form on your blog letting authors know you’re willing to host cover reveals.
·    Author Interviews – Offer to interview authors or ask them to send their own completed interviews for you to post.
·    Guest Posts – Invite authors to write guest posts that you can publish and share via your blog.
·    Memes – Come up with catchy, weekly activities to encourage your blog readers to participate in. Some ideas could be Fantasy Friday (readers talk about their favorite fantasy novels), Make It Up Monday (participants make up a stories from one-word prompts), Wow Word Wednesday (share new and wowerful words). Use your imagination to come up with unique memes.

The key thing here is keeping your readers, visitors and followers interested and engaged. Keep the new content coming and before you know it, you’ll begin to see an increase in followers and site views! 

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